Founded in 1917 as a pharmaceutical company, Truffini & Reggè has specialised in developing and producing food supplements, medical foods and medical devices, exclusively for third parties.

By accurately studying any new formulation, we are able to supply the technologies best suited for obtaining maximum bioavailability and efficacy and the longest shelf life. Our organisation, thanks to its long experience and flexibility, is able to handle complex development projects based on delicate ingredients.

Our Story

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All our processes are guided by the Total Quality principles: we work with integrated and certified Quality System procedures from the first stages of development to the final delivery.

Our Quality System is Certified by Certiquality for its conformity to ISO9001, ISO13485 and ISO22000 rules and is annualy inspected for its conformity to FDA CFR 21, Vol. 2 part 111, 30/04/2018 GMPs for dietary supplements. It also follows the standards of UNI PDR (Italian Standard Organization - Riferiment Guidlines: Requirements for GMPs in Food Supplements Manufacturing).


Our development and production processes are guided by the integrated TTQS system – Truffini & Reggé Total Quality System, that ensures products are safe, effective, stable and appreciated by end consumers.

We use innovative and advanced technologies, some of them patented by us, that allow us to produce products that are unique and with particular characteristics:

  • Precise control of the release of active ingredients
  • Product stability over time
  • Improved taste

Innovation is a fundamental value for us at Truffini & Reggè.

Over the years we have developed several advanced technologies for improving production processes and the efficacy of our products.
We have formed strategic alliances with the best producers of industrial plant in the sector, developing with them made-to-measure process systems to support our innovation.


The long experience built up and new synergy with the dedicated “Graal Research” working team have allowed Truffini to conceive, develop and produce a “Ready To Market” portfolio of products ready to be launched under customer brands.

Icon Mission


Our mission is to create products useful for maintaining good health and contributing to global well-being. We do it with transparency, ethics, excellence, passion and competence, fully respecting the law.

Icon The Charter of Values

The Charter of Values

We were founded in 1917 and have always produced successful products and dedicated resources and energies to developing the dietary supplements sector with particular technologies for obtaining safe and effective products.



For us this means developing a readiness to experiment and being open to change



Working ethically and transparently



A constant commitment to reaching results that are unique in our sector, with the pride of giving our best every day



Intensity and proactivity in our daily work

Global well-being

Global well-being

To work every day for the well-being of all employees, shareholders, customers, consumers and partners, safeguarding the environment

Human capital in the centre

Human capital in the centre

Making the most of individual differences, favouring collaboration, cohesion and communication